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Guesstimates! Signups

Another daily email game like Uniquasivity where the goal is to not be eliminated. Each day you will be presented with a question whose answer is a number. Don’t know the answer? (you probably won’t). Make your best guesstimate. Because… Continue Reading →

Codemaster Results

Team Annete/Bernice battle it out against Team Joseph/Matthew. Who wins to become the first Codemaster Champion?

August Puzzle Answers

Does Gilman retain his hold on the title? Does Andrew take it back?

Pyramid – Round 2

Top two scoring teams in each group are moving on to the Winner’s/Loser’s Circle.

August Puzzle

This month’s puzzle has a variety: New Words, Initial Diagnosis and Movie Title Mash. There are adult and kid versions available for download. Answers due by the end of the month. [sdm_download id=”14579″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”14579″] [sdm_download id=”14580″ fancy=”0″][sdm_download_counter id=”14580″]

July Puzzle Answers

Two-time reigning Puzzler of the Month has be dethroned. Matthew Gilman identified the theme of “States” and found 20 words that fit. I will just paste his answers here instead of typing them out myself. state PARKstate of DESPAIRPOLICE statestate… Continue Reading →

Pyramid – Round 1

Top five scoring teams are in the winner’s group. The rest of you still get to play on winner’s leftovers.

July Puzzle

This month’s puzzle is a word search. As is typical with my word searches, I will not be providing the list of words to find. However, correct words will all relate to the same theme. What is the theme? That’s… Continue Reading →

$20,000 Pyramid Results

Wait, Ryan. We were playing Pyramid? Yes. Yes we were. It was just the long, hard-core edition where you have a 2-year nightmare of scheduling issues. But 1,582 emails later, here are your results!

Name That Tune – Finals

Results are in. Were our players in sync with the melodies? Did these rats get fat on points? Did the new kids on the block find a musical oasis among some calming tunes?

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