Top two scoring teams in each group are moving on to the Winner’s/Loser’s Circle.

Kelly and Andrew take first place and move on. Beau and Brooks overcome a two point deficit to tie Novak and Will for second place. However, Novak and Will clued much more succinctly and will be moving on to the finals.

Heather/Randy and Luke/Alyson are moving on in the Loser’s bracket.

Andrew / Kelly44
Novak / Will42
Beau / Brooks42
Gary / Matthew38
HJ / Pete35
Heather / Randy37
Alyson / Luke34
Annette / Bernice29
John / Peggy18
Jonathon / Kari17


Bakery – wire rack/cooling rack, teaspoon, stand mixer, tart, layer cake, baking powder, croissant

Casino – loaded dice, black jack, security camera, ATM Machine, headliners, cocktail server, All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet

Independence Day – Fireworks, Parade, Barbecue, Sparkler, Federal/National holiday, John Hancock, Will Smith

Exercise – Aerobic, Mall Walking, Cool-down, Heart rate,Stretching, TaeBo, reps


Nobody scored a 7 on a board. Andrew and Brooks lead in round 2 with 12 of 14 guessed correctly.

All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet was not guessed by anyone. Plenty of “buffet” answers.

Tae-Bo – “A neck ornament and Adobery’s brother. Mashed.”

Cool-down – “The period of time after activity where you try to stop feeling like you’re about to have a heart attack.”  

We’re Talkin’ Baseball
Both Black Jack & Will Smith received baseball related clues and were guessed correctly.

Don’t Think of an Elephant!
Baking Powder – Clue: “Don’t mix it up with the soda”  Guess: Baking Soda
Will Smith – Clue from Will Young: “Fresh Prince”  Guess by Will Young’s partner: “Will Young”