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May Puzzle Answers

For the second month in a row, Andrew is our puzzle winner. Good job! Most of the answers were figured out by at least one person. Castaway was a nice alternative answer to 15…which was better than the attempted James… Continue Reading →


The next play-by-email word game will be Codenames. I’ve never played it but it sounds interesting. You can learn about it here. Basically, there is a group of 25 words which are the codenames of spies. Some belong to blue… Continue Reading →

Name That Tune – Round 3

Results Inside

May Puzzles

This one may not be as hard, or at the least adds some variety to the puzzles. There is a kids version with similar type puzzles as well.

April Puzzle Answers

Answers for the monthly puzzle for both adult and kids puzzles inside.

In & Out

The game starts out with one person who picks a theme of some sort and is the only person who is “in”. He then lists three things that are part of that theme to get people started. Next, people start… Continue Reading →

Werewolves at Cheers, Day 3

5 votes needed for majority. Melissa D: Rebecca Howe, manager, stolen for some reasonColin Prime: Sumner Sloan, in the wrong seasonAnnette Baron: Janet Eldridge, single and alone adoberydaneekasghostmbnovaktodahshyThe Dread Pirate8BSEMT8spookymilknibbish

Name That Tune – Round 2

Results inside.

Werewolves at Cheers 2: Day 2

Melissa D: Rebecca Howe, manager, stolen for some reasonColin Prime: Sumner Sloan, in the wrong seasonadoberydaneekasGhostmbNovaktodahshyThe Dread PirateAnnette Baron8BSEMT8spookymilknibbish Bar Closes at 9:30 pm. 5 Required for Majority

Werewolves at Cheers 2: Day 1

“Oh, Saaaaaaam!” called out John Allen Hill. Sam sighed heavily. “What, John? Was my car parked four centimetres to the left today?”” “As a matter a fact, it was, and I had it towed. But that’s not why I came… Continue Reading →

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