Wait, Ryan. We were playing Pyramid?

Yes. Yes we were. It was just the long, hard-core edition where you have a 2-year nightmare of scheduling issues. But 1,582 emails later, here are your results!

First things first, let me refresh your memory on who made the finals.

Novak & Will vs. HungryJoe & Nibbish

I originally was going to record each team’s finals attempt. There was a snafu with the document on Nibbish/HJs first attempt so I had to create a new finals board. I then recorded Novak/Will playing theirs. By the time we were able to coordinate Nibbish/HJs next attempt, I had lost the recording of Novak/Will. Oh well.

So instead I will list the clues given by each team, with a spoiler below, so you can make your guess before seeing the answer.

#1 Will: Machine, Tommy, Colt 45
#1 HJ: Remington. Glock. Colt.

#2 Will: fruit, basketball, bleached hair, construction cones
#2 HJ: Construction sign. Citrus fruits, fluorescent road work vests, sharp cheddar

#3 Will: I made a huge mistake, Glad I just won the Masters, Hi President Trump, My ex-wife is attractive, “W’here’s my painkillers?”  “I went to Stanford”  “I have a big yahct
#3 HJ: fore! Hole in one! Sorry I f***** that other attractive woman/women. That tree was much closer than i thought.

#4 Will: tired, sick, didn’t finish homework, getting bullied
#4 HJ: I’m sick. There’s a huge test tomorrow. I didn’t finish my report. It’s gym day and I don’t want the kids to see my legs. My bully is always mean to me.

#5 Will: glass, promises, vows, windows,
#5 HJ: Hearts, things made of glass. Promises. Trust.

#6 Will: toilet paper, excuses, work, napkins, bench catchers (if you’re Gardy),
#6 HJ: Water. Food. Air. Breath. Moments together.

And the winner is……

Novak & Will!!!

They edge out HJ/Nibbish by one point with a score of 4 to 3. This is Novak’s second consecutive final, and he avenges his previous loss by taking it out on two players that had nothing to do with that.

Thanks for playing! Next game of Pyramid coming soon.