Two-time reigning Puzzler of the Month has be dethroned. Matthew Gilman identified the theme of “States” and found 20 words that fit. I will just paste his answers here instead of typing them out myself.

state PARK
state of DESPAIR
POLICE state
state of DECAY
BADGER state
state of UNDRESS
GOLDEN state
LIQUID state
AFFAIRS of state (or state of AFFAIRS)
NANNY state
SWING state
BLUE state
state of GRACE
MENTAL state
state of FLUX
GARDEN state
Then these last two: state TABLE (which is a tool used in programming/logic/automation)
HALL of state (which is a Texas historical landmark)

While the last two were not my intended answers, they fit. I figured there would be other words that fit with STATE.

The final two answers were ROGUE state, and SECRETARY of state.

Gideon has successfully defended his title, and is July’s Kids Puzzler of the Month. The theme for the kids puzzle was also STATES. He aced it. Good job!