Results are in. Were our players in sync with the melodies? Did these rats get fat on points? Did the new kids on the block find a musical oasis among some calming tunes?

It was a very close finale between two contestants. Both contestants were asked how they thought they had done. Pete said he performed like a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, while Heather said it was challenging but she was still Hangin’ Tough.

Depending on how you look at it you could say the finale hinged on one N*SYNC song. Okay, you two, who do you think won?

Pete: “I’ll just say bye, bye, bye”.
Heather: “It’s Gonna Be Me”.

Heather…you are correct! You have won the first edition of Name That Tune! Congrats!

Pete, best of luck explaining this to your N*SYNC loving wife 🙂

Heather – 25
Pete – 21
Luke – 4.5
Chris – 0

Pete was the only player to ace their chosen artist, and he did it all on 4 second instrument only clips. Nice! The EDM songs of FatRat proved difficult for everyone, especially with no lyrics to use for submitting answers.

The songs:
New Kids on the Block (Heather)
Hangin’ Tough
Please Don’t Go Girl
Since You Walked Into My Life

Oasis (Pete)
The Shock of the Lightning  
Rock n’ Roll Star

N*SYNC (Chris)
It’s Gonna Be Me
Tearin’ Up My Heart
Something Like You

The FatRat (Luke)
Never Be Alone
Time Lapse

Thanks for playing!