Top five scoring teams are in the winner’s group. The rest of you still get to play on winner’s leftovers.

It was a four way tie for first place! The fifth and final spot was hotly contested.

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Safety – smoke detector, seat belt, face mask, deadbolt lock, guard rail, child proof cap, sheath

Day at the Lake – water skis, inner tube, sunscreen lotion, fishing pole, boat, sand pail, dock

Garden – weed, fertilizer, hose, flower, rhubarb, hoe, rows

Happy Birthday – streamers, cupcakes, party, gift receipt, wrapping paper, sleepover, candles


Gary was the only player to ace both boards. Nice job Gary/Matthew!

Wrapping Paper – put this around the present. Sometimes all you have is last Christmas’s version, and so you have to explain to someone born in July why there are jolly snowmen on their present.  

Streamers – Several of you went the video streaming route. Nice thinking.

Rhubarb – Several clued to this Spookymilk/WGOM regular (Rhubarb Runner). Never occured to me beforehand.

Fertlizer – Some shit you put on your plants to make them grow. Often literally. 
Face mask – just wear one these days, you stupid moron 
Water Skis – ocean sauce plus snow activity that is in a Wii game  

Sunscreen lotion – liquid that protects you from the big ball of flame in space
Innertube – Round floating with hole for your butt
Childproof cap – not as advertised, usually keeps out adults instead
Rows – Some people’s hair has corn in this arrangement.  

Future Cop?
Clue: car, protection, goes across your chest
Guess: kevlar

Arrested Development Fan Strikes Again
Hoe – …also shortened version of the occupation that turns tricks for money  

Classic movie quote
Boat – We’re gonna need a bigger ____”

Not Quite Classic, Not Quite Correct Movie Quote
Sunscreen lotion – put it on or it gets the hose again      

25 Words or Less Pro
Kari only used 9 words for 7 clues

25 Words or Less Master
Heather guessed a word without any clue provided