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Does Gilman retain his hold on the title? Does Andrew take it back?

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August Puzzle

This month’s puzzle has a variety: New Words, Initial Diagnosis and Movie Title Mash. There are adult and kid versions available for download. Answers due by the end of the month.



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Okay. So it was definitely hard this week. I was more liberal with the scoring since multiple answers could work for the given clue.

Props to Tom, who came up with the answer that works for the two movies I had in mind for #4 on Movie Mash: “Dancing Dirty Dances with Wolves”. There were many variations I allowed here and for the #2 and #3.

Other answers that worked instead of Billie Holiday were Billy Idol (idle) and Billy Sunday.

My absolute favorite answer of the week, which I like better than mine and kept me giggling for awhile belongs to Matthew Gilman. For “Bee’s Behind” in Rhyme time Matthew answered “Honeymaker Moneymaker”.

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We’re going to turn up the difficulty just a titch this week (I think).  This week’s puzzle is a mish-mash. I have created a PDF that you should be able to type your answers right into. Otherwise, feel free to send me an email with the answers typed in or a scan. There are 25 points possible (it’s on two pages, don’t miss that second one). Remember, if you have a bonus answer, label it as such. Puzzles are due Sunday at 9 p.m. CST.


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