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Left feet, peas in a pod, turtle doves, shakes of a lamb’s tail, and submissions. Wah, wah.

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This Monday’s puzzle is called Make Ends Meet. It’s a word chain just with a new name. Instructions inside the PDF below. 10 points to be had. This is the last big points grab before March is up. Who will claw their way to the top?

Send your answers to
Answers are due Sunday by noon.




Little harder week it seems. No one received a perfect score and the bonus went undiscovered.

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This week’s puzzle is another mish-mash of different types. Puzzles are due next Sunday. If you have a bonus answer(s), label them as such and send along with your puzzle solutions.

Oh, hey! I think I figured out the PDF problem, and you should all be able to type in this AND actually save it for sending back.


Good luck!

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