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Happy Year’s End everyone!

It’s been another fun-filled one at the Casa de Leche and it seems it should be recapped in some fashion so we can truly appreciate it. Now I’ve been very busy shaking poop and did not have time to do something as intricate as last year. It may turn out lame, but I had to do SOMETHING.

“But Ryan,” you all say, “you’re months behind on reading writing entries. You didn’t follow Big Brother at all. You didn’t play in most of the Werewolf games. You’re a hack of a writer. What makes you think you’re qualified to do a rundown of this year’s events at the CdL?”

Well, I’m not. That’s why you all helped to recap for me. You may have already figured it out, but those words I requested weren’t for the upcoming Cutthroat Junction gameshow. Let’s do this Mad Libs style!

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