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I hope you enjoyed the week vacation from puzzling 😉   I didn’t figure this one to be a hard one, but when I already had 4 submissions by lunchtime I realized I hadn’t built in enough difficulty. I even had two people submit who hadn’t even been playing previously.

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This should be a lighter week for Pure & Power puzzlers alike. I call this one Letterbox as I’ve seen it called so, but you may know it by another name. You are given a list of words that you must make all fit in the provided grid. The words must be in a left-to-right or top-to-bottom fashion. No running words backwards or upwards. There is an excel file or pdf for download and a google spreadsheet has been shared with your email addresses.

For those of you who need to email me the typed out answers, the PDF file includes number references for where words start so that you can indicate it in your email.

As always, if you have a bonus answer, label it as such when sending in your puzzle answers. Puzzles are due 9pm-ish CST on Sunday. Good luck!