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Answers for the monthly puzzle for both adult and kids puzzles inside.

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For those of you with kids who want something to do, this is for them. One hint available per answer. Any who complete the puzzle will get their name on the wall.

Adults who were scared off by my puzzle can have a go at it as well, but no hints and you will not get your name on the wall 🙂

Due April 30th.


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April Puzzle

First monthly puzzle of the year is ready to play and it’s a crossword. Download the PDF file and either fill it out and send back a pic/scan, or email your answers to

The top scorer will get their name on the wall. Tiebreaker will be by hints needed. You may request as many hints as you like by emailing me.

You have until the end of the month. Good luck!



Before the week started, I really loved this puzzle. Then I decided to make it a titch harder and everything blew up. For those who did not figure the theme out, the answer to 9 down was “Periodic Table”. Every intersection square held an elemental abbreviation from the periodic table of elements. Once you were able to figure out the theme, the clues were pretty straight forward.

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Here we are. One week left. Don’t cry, just puzzle. Since we’re a day behind, puzzles will be due next Monday.

Now I give you…the Pièce de résistance! (that means last puzzle, right?)


For anyone who wants to fill the answers in a spreadsheet (I wasn’t able to get the PDF ready for that), I have shared the doc in google docs with you or here is a link:

You can either download it or make a copy in your google docs to work on I think.


So this week was rough it looks like. There was no bonus this week. We did have one perfect score by Matthew Gilman. Good job!

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It’s crossword time again.

This “week” will be longer again as we get back on cycle. You will have until the following Sunday, June 17 @ 9P.M. to submit your answers. If you have a bonus answer, include it with your puzzle submission and label it as such.




Much better week puzzlers! It’s good to see most of the pitchforks have been set down for the time being. There were a couple perfect scores, though nobody gave me the bonus answer.

The theme of the puzzle was “Take it or leave it”. So all the answers either had the word “it” left in them, or were a word/phrase that had “it” taken out of them. To earn the bonus you had to send me a list of those words/phrases with the “it” put back in.

8A: One-armed Band(it)
15A: Electrical Perm(it)
19A: Bean Burr(it)o
21A: Babys(it)ting
6D: Hobb(it)s
14D: Microcircu(it)s

I’m pretty sure several of you knew this, but didn’t consider it a bonus. Bret came the closest by doing this with a few of them.

I allowed multiple alternatives to 14D Microcircus as so many fit. There were a couple alternates for 15A. I learned something new with “Electric Plaits”. I also allowed “Dog Biscuit” for 10A, though I don’t know that those of you who answered that way knew it was pejorative for hardtack.

Hope you enjoyed! The PDF with the answers is right below, as well as the standings for Pure & Power.


Week 3 Top Performers
Matthew — 24
Brooks — 24
Andy — 23
Randy — 23
Bret — 22

Top 5 in Standings
Matthew — 75
Brooks — 69
Andy — 67
Randy — 66
Bret — 61

Power Standings
Bret Highum    94
Matt Novak    88
Kelly Wells    86
Brooks Maki    82
Andrew Haugen    79
Erik Dikken    64

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I think this week will be a tad easier, and I do hope your submissions are accompanied by less “high praise of my character” to reflect that. It is a crossword and there are links to an excel file, jpeg, and the document has also been shared with all of your email addresses so you save a copy and edit it on your google account. As always, if you have a bonus answer include it with your submission and label it “Bonus Answer:”

You will have until 9p.m. CST on Sunday the 20th of May to complete your puzzle.