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The next play-by-email word game will be Codenames. I’ve never played it but it sounds interesting. You can learn about it here. Basically, there is a group of 25 words which are the codenames of spies. Some belong to blue team, some belong to red team, and there is also an assassin and innocents in the mix.

Each team has a spymaster who knows which words belong to spies on their team. It is their job to give one word clues to get their teammate to correctly find one ore more of their team’s spies. The team who finds all their spies first wins. Incorrect guesses will help your opponent. Guessing the assassin will end your game.

Hoping for 12-16 players, but can probably accommodate any even number. Whether we play this round-robin, Swiss system, etc will depend on the number of signups.

Sign up by responding in the comments. You can choose your partner or let it be decided randomly.

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