Pyramid – Round 2

Top two scoring teams in each group are moving on to the Winner’s/Loser’s Circle.

Kelly and Andrew take first place and move on. Beau and Brooks overcome a two point deficit to tie Novak and Will for second place. However, Novak and Will clued much more succinctly and will be moving on to the finals.

Heather/Randy and Luke/Alyson are moving on in the Loser’s bracket.

Andrew / Kelly44
Novak / Will42
Beau / Brooks42
Gary / Matthew38
HJ / Pete35
Heather / Randy37
Alyson / Luke34
Annette / Bernice29
John / Peggy18
Jonathon / Kari17


Bakery – wire rack/cooling rack, teaspoon, stand mixer, tart, layer cake, baking powder, croissant

Casino – loaded dice, black jack, security camera, ATM Machine, headliners, cocktail server, All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet

Independence Day – Fireworks, Parade, Barbecue, Sparkler, Federal/National holiday, John Hancock, Will Smith

Exercise – Aerobic, Mall Walking, Cool-down, Heart rate,Stretching, TaeBo, reps


Nobody scored a 7 on a board. Andrew and Brooks lead in round 2 with 12 of 14 guessed correctly.

All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet was not guessed by anyone. Plenty of “buffet” answers.

Tae-Bo – “A neck ornament and Adobery’s brother. Mashed.”

Cool-down – “The period of time after activity where you try to stop feeling like you’re about to have a heart attack.”  

We’re Talkin’ Baseball
Both Black Jack & Will Smith received baseball related clues and were guessed correctly.

Don’t Think of an Elephant!
Baking Powder – Clue: “Don’t mix it up with the soda”  Guess: Baking Soda
Will Smith – Clue from Will Young: “Fresh Prince”  Guess by Will Young’s partner: “Will Young”

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  1. Andrew Rustleund’s avatar

    Anyone else almost write Herbie Hancock?


  2. nibbish’s avatar

    For some reason, this one just completely stumped me on both sides.


  3. Beau’s avatar

    Could have sworn tiebreaker was height


    1. mbnovak’s avatar

      Nope, beauty.


      1. Beau’s avatar

        Yeah, Will is dreamy


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