April Puzzle Answers

Answers for the monthly puzzle for both adult and kids puzzles inside.

Maybe I made this a bit too difficult given there weren’t many crosses, but I also didn’t receive many requests for hints either, which were unlimited.

Andrew asked and as a result he is the puzzler of the month getting 23 of 24 answers correct! The theme of the puzzle was Star Trek: The Next Generation as clued by 2 down and 12 down.

Andrew’s kids also got most of the answers correct on the kids puzzle. However, Gideon got the most correct answers as an individual so he is our Kids Puzzler of the Month!

I came up with the main answers to this theme and have been sitting on them for like eight years. So I will add a spoiler tag to those so if you want to figure those out still you can. It would bring me joy to make you smile or groan over them.

All answers were part of the theme.
Q (cue)
Warp Core
Turbo Lift (lyft)
Miles (O’Brien)
Away Team
Red Shirt (read + shirt)
Sick Bay
Holodeck (hollow + deck)
Ten Forward
Inner Light

3. One responsible for docking ships?

4. One responsible for a prison?

14. One responsible for dealing with the aftermath of a Trojan horse attack?

20. One responsible for a birthday planning subcommittee?

Here are the answers to the kids puzzle. The adults should recognize the theme here, as all answers represent regular players relating to their name or avatar.

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