Name That Tune – Round 2

Results inside.

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Nibbish has the best round and gains ground on Chris and Heather. Most everyone else improved on the first round.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Nibbish correctly named all the artists (even the featured guest singers) with all his correct answers
  • Randy named 4 artists correctly when he didn’t guess the song, for 8 mostly right answers
  • It was funny how many players answered E.T. correctly, but expressed they were not confident with that answer.
  • Aaron & Andrew both attempted all three classical and both got 2 right!
  • Luke aced the Dance/EDM category. Also surprised me by knowing a 70s metal and 80s pop song, neither which I would have known.
  • This round’s “Wait, Who Sung That?” goes to Airplaines by B.o.B with guesses of Taio Cruz, Kanye, P. Diddy, and Will.I.Am. Notable featured artist guesses on that song of Rihanna and Haley What’s Her Face
  • The least played genre was Dance with 4, followed by R&B with 5.
  • The most played genre was Movies&TV with 28, followed by Pop with 27


Alternative Rock
1985 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Tears for Fears
2017 “Take it All Back” Judah and the Lion
2013 “Demons” Imagine Dragons

“Sabre Dance’ from Gayaneh Suite, No.3”
“Rhapsody in Blue” Gershwin
Symphony No. 40 in G minor, 1st movt” Mozart

1990 “Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” Randy Travis
1971 “How Can I Unlove You” Lynn Anderson
2002 “Good Morning Beautiful”

Dance / Electronic
2020 “This is Real” Jax Jones
2011 “Awooga” Calvin Harris
2007 “Everywhere” John Dahlback

1966 “Early Morning Rain” Gordon Lightfoot
1935 “Can the Circle Be Unbroken” Carter Family
1964 “Ramblin’ Boy” Tom Paxton

2019 “Violent Reaction” Refused
2001 “Shimmy” System of a Down
1974 “Diamonds and Rust” Judas Priest

Movie/TV Theme
1984 Ghostbusters
1968 Julia
1982 E.T

1987 “You Got it All” The Jets
2007 “Airplaines” B.o.B
1972 “American Pie” Don McLean

R&B / Hip Hop
1989 “Shower Me with Your Love” Surface
2011 “Sure Thing” Miguel
1984 “I Feel For You” Chaka Kahn

2018 “In My Feelings” Drake
2009 “Empire State of Mind” Jay-Z
1991 “Mind is Playing Tricks on Me” Geto Boys

2009 “Use Somebody” Kings of Leon
1975 “Listen to What the Man Said” – Paul McCartney
1961 “Stand By Me” Ben E. King

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  1. Beau’s avatar

    I would have gotten two of the Alt Rock had I done that.


  2. mbnovak’s avatar

    I still question some of these categories… but in a purely academic sense, because I wasn’t getting more points. I knew only 3 or 4 more, and I wasn’t trying those selections anyway. But still… some of those categories…


    1. adobery’s avatar

      You question what? That songs don’t belong in the genre they are in? If so, they came from billboard charts or were based on top lists of multiple sources classifying them as such.

      I’m sure some of its fluid as the genres change over time. I certainly am no expert on the genres. I just go buy what the internet says based on multiple locations. Not perfect, but at last hoped to group things so people could target genres they’d feel more comfortable playing.


      1. mbnovak’s avatar

        I think the McCartney probably should have been pop, and Airplanes should have been Hip Hop (or possibly Rock, or possibly Rap). But definitely not Pop.


        1. nibbish’s avatar

          Airplanes definitely hit the pop chart. It was all over Top 40 radio back in the day.


          1. mbnovak’s avatar

            That doesn’t make it a pop song though. It is, fundamentally, much more hip hop or rock/rap. I mean, compare and contrast “Listen to What The Man Said” and “Airplanes.” Which is pop and which is rock?

          2. Beau’s avatar

            I thought pop just meant popular. The pop charts have never excluded a song due to genre, right? It’s just certain types of songs tend to hit that chart more often.

            In the 60’s, I think many would have said McCartney was rock, not pop. I mean compared to “Bread and Butter”

          3. mbnovak’s avatar

            Pop is definitely a style and is distinct from popular music. The pop charts include everything but that doesn’t make everything pop. It’s a pretty generic style, but I definitely didn’t expect something like Airplanes when I selected the pop style. Likewise I didn’t expect “Listen…” for rock. It didn’t stop me from getting Listen right, so no big deal. I just question the categorization, since it functionally increased the number of hip hop songs (and reduced the number of rock songs, with “listen…” being included.

          4. nibbish’s avatar

            I mean, asking Adobery to be an arbiter of what is considered “pop music” is essentially an impossible task. I think the definition was “top of genre billboard chart”, so everything here fits fine.

            Besides, “Airplanes” is absolutely a pop song.

          5. mbnovak’s avatar

            He made himself the arbiter by including the category! If he’d have put Rhapsody in Blue in Hip Hop we’d have questioned that. He was arbitrating those categories too!

            Also, Airplanes is a hip hop song. Or rap rock. Heck, even its wikipedia entry says so. And the only award nomination it got was BET’s Hip Hop single of the Year.

            Facts matter!

          6. nibbish’s avatar

            Facts DO matter, and Rhapsody in Blue never placed highly in any hip hop charts, so at that point, yes, I would say that was odd.

          7. mbnovak’s avatar

            But the pop chart is a catch-all, and doesn’t distinguish between styles. It’s literally just a music chart. But Adobery said we were picking from styles of music. Having one of those styles be “music” doesn’t make sense. Thus, the implication is that he was going for the genre of pop.

  3. daneekasghost’s avatar

    Pretty sure I maximized my points here. Not many others I would have got.

    (I might have recognized Mozart, but no way put an actual title to the piece)


    1. daneekasghost’s avatar

      Oops, ok, I would have got American Pie. So o missed one point.


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