Family Feud Final Results


Fast Money Scores

102 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz
98 – The Mia Family
97 – Le Meilleur

Adding Fast Money to the previous scores:

439 – Le Meilleur
344 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz
343 – The Mia Family

Le Meilleur’s lead was too big to overcome. Family Awesomebinowicz makes the 3 points difference and steals 2nd place by one point. Congrats to Le Meilleur! For those of you who do not speak French, that roughly translates into “The Nepotists”.

So our final three teams earn 25, 15, and 10 PotH points, with all the rest of the participants earning 5 for playing, and Kari taking home and extra 5 points for her round 2 performance among the non-finalists.

  • Heather posts the highest Fast Money score with 155 points
  • Heather and Andrew both guessed three #1 answers
  • Aren’t you romantic… All three teams exclusively guessed the #1 and #2 answers to the “Name a romantic place” question.
  • The survey about old things in houses was definitely the hardest, with an average team score of 13 points. Most players offered answers relating to people.
  • Good answer!  When reading Pete’s answer to old things, I had an honest “good answer” moment. “Paintings”. I knew all the answers obviously, but hadn’t thought of this one and sincerely thought it deserved a place on the board. Andrew also thought of it.

Thanks for playing! Hope it was fun. Name that Tune coming soon.



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