Cata-Gory (July’s Monthly Puzzle)

This month’s puzzle is brought to you by Matthew Gilman. He created this last year, but I stopped working on the site, so it has sat in my inbox collecting dust. I finally printed it out last month and got to work at trying to solve it. I really enjoyed it, struggled some, and didn’t completely solve it. It is definitely up to Matthew’s standard level of difficulty 🙂

Each answer will be worth 4 points, for a total of 24 points. 
Due July 31st.

If you are stuck, you can request a hint. Each hint will cost you 2 points.

Enjoy the puzzle!


Hey ho there. Here’s my first attempt at a Puzzle Zone Puzzle! We’ll call this one “Cata-Gory”. Below you’ll find five clues, followed by the number of letters in the answer of each clue. When you’ve solved all of them (or enough of them) you’ll find that they suggest a category that will help you arrive at the FINAL answer, which I’ve also provided the number of letters for.

Now keep in mind that I am a devious little bastard. For the most part, my clues tend to be a little punny, or at least not what they seem. Likewise, some of the answers may only hint at that final category through non-direct means. So be ready to approach these a little less rigidly than usual!



1) Trying, hard (4)
2) One in the balcony (7)
3) Pillow-covers (8)
4) Events before fights (5-3)
5) Whatever’s not left (5)

At this time, probably the most well known example of the puzzle’s category (5,5,8)

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