Family Feud – R2 pt 1

It is finally done. Where do things stand heading into the Fast Money Round?



342 – Le Meilleur
245 – The Mia Family
242 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz

Team Le Meilleur runs away with this round. They have given themselves quite the cushion heading into the last round. Only talking about what a lock they are to win can jinx their chances now. So nobody be a jerk and do that, okay?

I let everyone who was no longer in the game play the surveys on their own to see who could get top score for some points. Kari wins big, guessing EVERY SINGLE #1 ANSWER! A round of applause for Kari.

  • Pumpkin pie. Really?
  • The “Matt” survey was the most difficult with an average team score of 40 points. I almost didn’t include it, and I had no idea when the survey questions were presented so that made it hard for relevancy. There were plenty of good Matt answers that didn’t make it on the board.
  • How to discourage your children was in your wheelhouse with an average team score of 86 points.
  • Peggy takes top score honors with 119
  • Team Le Meilleur guessed all the #1 answers, and all the #2 answers.
  • Erik taught me about a circus genre I didn’t even know existed…farting…and that there were famous performers that he knows by name. Eek.
  • McConaughey” was the most guessed (and most misspelled) answer 

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  1. Andrew Rustleund’s avatar

    I can’t imagine any era in which Matt Dillon would be the number one answer…


    1. Beau’s avatar

      Late 50’s to early 70’s I presume. Gunsmoke was quite popular.


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