Family Feud – Fast Money

Fast Money Round has been completed. Top 3 teams in overall score advance to round 2. How did you do?


Fast Money Scores

203 – The Novaks
178 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz
174 – Le Meilleur
172 – The Mia Family
169 – Well’s Belles
168 – The Vacuums

Adding Fast Money to the previous scores:

469 – The Mia Family
437 – Le Meilleur
424 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz 
418 – The Vacuums
416 – Well’s Belles
397 – The Novaks

The Novak’s dominated Fast Money, but their first round score was too much to overcome. The Family Awesomeobinowicz sneak in after their last team member’s answers were just enough.

  • Gary shines again with a top score of 163! Will comes in a close second with 157. Ashton tallied 150.
  • Gary and Will both guessed three #1 answers!
  • “What do kids pretend to drive” was easily the worst scoring. The majority of answers were car or police car.
  • You all (including people surveyed) are dark. Only Pete came up with the innocent answer of “School” for when kids are separated from parents.
  • There were four answers on the board that nobody guessed: Basketball, baseball, diving, Kodak


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  1. nibbish’s avatar

    …and, I mean, “school” wasn’t my first or preferred guess.


  2. margaritamartini’s avatar

    I was absolutely the weakest link in my round! I have no idea what’s wrong with my brain.


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