M09 Answers

You choked down April’s leftovers. Now who gets April’s desserts? (hmm, maybe I should rephrase that). Answers and the monthly champ revealed inside.

Oh, and congratulations to Viola, who as far as I know was the first person to solve level 10 on the Answer Goes Here.


Star Crossed: One on a certain president’s rap sheet? >>> Richard Pryor
Rhyme Time: Crocodile’s briefs?  >>> Dundee’s Undies
Unscramble (food): A Rubber Hip >>> Rhubarb Pie
Initial Diagnosis (threesome): M, V, and W >>> Morgan, Virgil, and Wyatt (Earp)
Multi-world Unscramble (body parts): Favorite Role >>> Foot, Ear, Liver
Think-a-Link: Hunting, Pitch, Silver >>> Knife, Fork, Spoon
Words of Fortune: >>> Cleopatra & Mark Antony
Box Tracer (director): >>> Hitchcock

(6) Uberminz
(5) Novak, Sunshine
(4) Randy, Beau, Viola

With a final total of 51, Uberminz is April’s champ and gets to challenge Randy to take of PotH! I will contact him via email once I am ready for that stage.


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