Rhyme Time (Th09)

Rhyme Time:
The answers to each of the four clues below are in the form of a rhyme.  Correct answers will be more like a perfect rhyme, and have all of the syllables rhyming. Your answers can be longer than two words, but the combination of the words/syllables will all need to fit in with the rhyme.
Example:  Feline headwear?  Answer: Cat hat
Example:  Bee’s behind?  Answer: Stinger Bringer

Only one answer may be submitted for each clue.
1 point awarded for each correct answer.
It is possible there are alternate correct answers.

Email your answers to adobery+puzzlezone@gmail.com by Wednesday.

  1. Reason for a blackout at a backyard gathering?
  2. Star Trek timepiece?
  3. Dead TV mailman?
  4. Regrets one’s failed attempts at making gravy?


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