Leftovers (M09)

The last points you can earn in April will be a sampling of a lot of the puzzle types that have already been played. There are 8 puzzles worth a total of 10 points. Who am I to judge which ones are harder than other’s, since you all have your strengths and weaknesses. So your score will be 10, (Edit) minus 2 points for the first answer missed, and one each for others missed. So as long as you submit one correct answer, the least you can score is 2 points.

Star Crossed: One on a certain president’s rap sheet?

Rhyme Time: Crocodile’s briefs?

Unscramble (food): A Rubber Hip

Initial Diagnosis (threesome): M, V, and W

Multi-world Unscramble (body parts): Favorite Role

Think-a-Link: Hunting, Pitch, Silver

Words of Fortune:


Box Tracer (director):



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