M06 and M07 Answers

Two Monday’s worth of puzzles revealed all at once!

We’ll start with M07 answers, because I am not going to be as revealing with M06.

M07: New Words

Anwar el Sadat

M06: Answer Goes Here

Okay. I am going to mask the answers for each level somewhat. In case you wanted to try to continue from where you left off, you can peek at the answer and work on the next level. Just highlight the block of blue code to reveal the answer and any comments I have. Highlight from left to right slowly if you only want the hint to get to the answer before revealing the answer.

I was checking the webstats daily to see what kind of answers people put in. My favorite part of this is finding out about your thought process on these types of things. Some were evident, others made me curious to know what connections were made.  I’m not going to share any here, but in the comment section below.

So please, please, I really want to hear about your experience, guesses, and trips down the rabbit hole trying to solve a level. So beware the comments section if you don’t want to find out anything early.

(7) uberminz, Randy, Violabeenice
(4) Beau, mbnovak, sunshine

uber and Viola got the farthest by reaching Level 9, with 2 clues a piece. Randy made it the farthest without using any clues by reaching Level 8.

Level 1: How do you get rid of the DARK? Turn on a “light”.
Level 2: A door, and “some joke”. knockknock
Level 3: Pretty straight forward. Who is this Buffalo Bills football player? “OJ” Simpson
Level 4: The rhyming is to suggest an answer like the puzzle zone game Rhyme Time. “chunkymonkey”
Level 5: A pepper with a stethoscope. Not what I ordered, but just what the doctor ordered. “drpepper”
Level 6: There are three feet. What is also three feet? A “yard”
Level 7: Tricky one. That’s a picture of a lat muscle and the actress Shelly Long. Lat/Long. Use the numbers as coordinates to find the location of “champagne”
Level 8: Details, details. Zoom in to help read the brand name of this vent. Oh, it’s a “circumvent”
Level 9: The pan of scrambled eggs is a hint that the text clue is scrambled. Unscramble it to reveal: Answer is: “gowest”.
Level 10: Nope. Not going to tell you this one. E-mail me the correct answer to receive my adoration.

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  1. adobery’s avatar

    Here are some of my favorite guesses and such.

    I saw someone’s first attempt immediately after advancing to level 3 was “murder”.  Not “OJ Simpson” or “OJ”, just straight on to “murder”. Lol.

    I would also like to thank whoever it was who followed a path of logic I hoped someone might, by following up “knock” with “bang”.  In case it happened I put an extra teaser there. Yay. I hope you enjoyed it.

    I liked that someone was in text adventure mode for Level 2. “look under mat, break window, check plant, call taxi”.

    On Level 3 I never looked into who this monkey was, just googled for a picture of a fat monkey. So at first the guesses were confusing, especially when multiple people typed “fatuncle”. I do wonder about the guesses of “Steve” and “BobDylan” though.

    I also want to know what about 3 feet prompted “itsthelaw”.


    1. Beau’s avatar

      I want to say I tried to look under the mat, but I don’t think I called a taxi.


    2. uberminz’s avatar

      Was I the one who guessed BobDylan? It sounds familiar, but I can’t remember what would’ve prompted it from me.


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