Pyramid Results – Round 1

Who’s one step closer to the Winner’s Circle? Who’s going home? Actually, everyone still gets to play, and you’ve likely been playing from home all along, but you know what I mean.

Here are your winners! Top four advance into the winner’s division.

24 mbnovak/TheDreadPirate
23 DG/Ashton
22 nibbish/hungryjoe
22 Beau/Heather

19 nettiebaron/sunshine
18 uberminz/Peggy
17 melissaD/John
16 Spookymilk/Randy
16 TDO/Patrick

Novak & TheDreadPirate take the top spot and the award for consistency with their scores of 6,6,6, and 6. Beau/Heather teamed up for the best clued/guessed side with 13 out of 14. No player aced their guesses this time.

American Mexican Food:  salsa, guacamole, margarita, tortilla, fried ice cream, fajita, burrito
Yellow: banana, school bus, rubber duck, dandelion, coward, cornbread, Post-It note
Billiards/Pool:  cue stick, scratch, side pocket, break, bank shot, felt, Minnesota Fats
Kindergarten: recess, nap time, blocks, alphabet, vaccinations, backpack, half-days

I did not accept: bus, nap or abcs.

My favorite clues
The Knowing Your Partner Best award goes to…
Banana — The stand where there’s always money hidden (TheDreadPirate)

School bus — Magic transportation for kids  (TheDreadPirate)

The Thinking Alike award goes to…
Break — Kit Kat Theme… give me a  ____,   (novak)
Give me a “this” when you want a Kit-Kat bar   (Beau)

Bank shot — bounce a ball off the wall in order to be awesome  (nibbish)
Felt – the material of pool tables and muppets  (nibbish)

Minnesota Fats —

  • Pool shark legend, This state plus lipids.  (uberminz)
  •  State of the Twins + __ Domino, State of Al Franken + Butter (DG)
  •  Famous player. From the Midwest. Kelly lives in this state and the man had girth.  (nettiebaron)

Alphabet — All the letters in one, Sesame street helps you learn it  (uberminz)
Vaccinations — Hippie parents believe getting these will cause autism. (melissaD)
Backpack — Kids hold all their books and fidget spinners in this thing. (melissaD)

I will email the winning teams in the next day or so with instructions on beginning round two. The rest of you will get to play after the winning teams clue their boards, so sit tight!

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  1. MelissaD’s avatar

    I don’t know which John I played with here, but, John, we sucked.


    1. daneekasghost’s avatar

      We’re the second best!


  2. daneekasghost’s avatar

    Close. I got all but one clue that I was allowed to guess.


    1. uberminz’s avatar

      How many did you get that you were prohibited from guessing?


      1. daneekasghost’s avatar

        Weirdly, zero.


  3. Peggy Sorrell’s avatar

    My apologies to uberminz! You gave great clues, I just blank when I’m working under a time restraint. Plus I don’t eat Mexican so my clues (or lack of) sucked in that category!!


    1. uberminz’s avatar

      It’s okay Peggy, your clues for the yellow things were super great! And if Mexican food were easier to differentiate, we couldn’t have the endless combinations of Taco Bell. So that’s an overall win for humanity if you ask me.


      1. Peggy Sorrell’s avatar

        Thank you for your kinds words uber!. :}


  4. mbnovak’s avatar

    I was practically giddy when I saw the Arrested Development clue. Well done DPWY.


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