Cross Reference (Th06)

This will be a crossword style puzzle where each of words in the clue “reference” the same thing. There are four sets of clues and corresponding answers to fill in; however, I will not be indicating which answers go where. That is for you to figure out and to make discovery just a little harder.

Also, once you find all the correct answers, they will in turn all be a reference to another word.  (e.g. If the answers were Flash, break, slow, and safety they could all be a reference to “dance”).

1 point for each of the four answers, and a bonus point for finding the final reference. You can submit one answer for each set of clues, and I’ll allow two guesses for the final reference. (no need to submit a filled in grid, just the answers, cause you’ll probably need to find the same answers I intended in order to properly fill the grid.)

Answers due next  Thursday. Send to

  1. Cream or string
  2. Jazz and gala
  3. Bread or pocket
  4. Fire and garbage



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