TH04 Results & Answers

We have Guzzle results, and we have our first PotH!

These were fun to make and hopefully fun to play.

guzzle01_03 Million Dollar Baby
U.S. Navy Blue Angels Friday Rehearsal for Seafair Angels & Demons

guzzle01_01 Driving Miss Daisy

guzzle01_02 12 Monkeys

3 – Randy, Uberminz, Brooks
1 – Beau, Novak

With that Randy edges out uberminz by 1 point to become the first Puzzler of the Hill! Congratulations! There were a few answers that fit the pictures, but referenced very obscure titles. I pondered, but decided against giving them points, and uber/Randy both had one and it would have been a wash either way for the monthly points totals.


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  1. uberminz’s avatar

    Devils are not the same thing as demons.


    1. adobery’s avatar

      Many places refer to common traits of both devils and demons as having red skin, horns, and pointed tails. I will blame all the past misinterpretations, pop deviant art, google images, and the two players who still got it correct…y’know, anyone but me.


      1. uberminz’s avatar

        A tried and true method.
        I also came up with Angels and Demons at first because Tom Hanks is soooo dreamy. But I guess I was more worried about protecting my ass. I’d be surprised if Randy didn’t think of it too. Wouldn’t have changed the outcome I’m certain.


      2. adobery’s avatar

        :::nods uncomprehendingly:::


      3. uberminz’s avatar

        :::continues to make hypnotic gestures with his left hand while reaching for adobery’s wallet with his right:::


  2. uberminz’s avatar

    Oh, and congratulations Randy! That should’ve been my first comment.


  3. adobery’s avatar

    Thanks! Being a Dan Brown fan, Angels and Demons jump off the page for me.


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