Guzzles! (Th04)

I’m sure you’ve all seen a wuzzle before…word + puzzle = wuzzle! Well, this is like that, but only with pictures, which would be picture + puzzle = puzzle. Crap. Okay, we’ll go with graphics instead of pictures, hence Guzzles!

Wuzzles normally clue you to a common word or phrase, but these Guzzles will clue you to a title. It could be the title of a book, movie, TV show, comic strip, song, etc. There are four graphic clues below. (Keep in mind I would never give you an image straight from the book/movie/song/etc I was trying to get you to guess).


  1. guzzle01_03
  2. U.S. Navy Blue Angels Friday Rehearsal for Seafair
  3. guzzle01_01
  4. guzzle01_02


Only one answer may be submitted for each clue.
1 point awarded for each correct answer.

Email your answers to by Wednesday @ 8 p.m.



  1. adobery’s avatar

    To clarify, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all separate puzzles requiring their own answer. They are not related to each other aside from the answers being a title.


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