Th03 Results & Answers

With an pretty empty inbox come Wednesday morning I wasn’t sure if it was a busy week for you or just a tough puzzle, but it looks like Star Crossed crossed a lot of you up.

  1. Simplistic description of Mr. Bacon’s role in Apollo 13 > Kevin Spacey
  2. A SeaWorld toy that got away > Lucille Ball
  3. Viaducts for boyfriends > Beau Bridges
  4. $100 for a Christmas decoration > Aretha Franklin

I also received “Ben Shephard” as an answer to #4.  I like, close enough…1 point!

3 – nettiebaron
2 – Randy
1 – Beau, uberminz, violabeenice

It’s a fine line sometimes between making them hard enough that everyone doesn’t ace the puzzle each time vs. making them so hard it frustrates y’all. Hopefully it was a good frustrating, or at least the answers were satisfying enough to make you forget how crazy it drove you.

How is the pace? Is this Thursday/Monday format working for you and not overwhelming?

Thank you for playing my puzzles. You have been dedicated so far, but more players would be awesome if you know anyone who might be interested.

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  1. Beau’s avatar

    for Mr. Bacon’s role I thought I was supposed to do something with the character’s name. I was thinking too literally.

    Should have gotten Arethra Franklin, as I googled famous people with the last name Franklin. Just didn’t click.

    Lucille Ball…probably wouldn’t have gotten that in forever, but it’s fun.

    Two puzzles a week is fine for me.


  2. nettiebarron’s avatar

    Two puzzles a week is also fine for me. I agree on Lucille Ball. It took me a while to get it even AFTER I read it was the answer, so . . . yeah, that’s fun!


  3. adobery’s avatar

    After an explanation from the submitter, I have decided to accept MOON UNIT ZAPPA for #1.
    Bacon’s character (Jim Swigert) flipped a switch for a routine procedure, which led to a spark which caused a fire…yada, yada, yada…Houston we’ve had a problem.

    So Swigert was a MOON UNIT (one that orbits the moon, i.e. the Odyssey) ZAPPA (zapper). 1 point!


  4. uberminz’s avatar

    As a long-time fan of the show Arrested Development, I am disappointed I didn’t get #2.


    1. adobery’s avatar

      I am a bit disappointed in myself for AD not coming to mind when I created that.


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