M02 Results & Answers

A word search without clues? That was no problem for our group of sleuthers.

Your task was to find the words relating to this puzzle’s theme clued by the title “Just one more thing…”.  This was the catch phrase of Columbo, so all the words in the search were detectives/investigator types.

Oliva BENSON (Law & Order: SVU)
Jacques CLOUSEAU (Pink Panther)
Frank COLUMBO (Columbo)
Nancy DREW (Carolyn Keene novels)
Jessica FLETCHER (Murder She Wrote)
Joe FRIDAY (Dragnet)
Inspector GADGET (animated cartoon)
Sherlock HOLMES (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels)
Veronica or Keith MARS (Veronica Mars)
Adrian MONK (Monk)
Hercule POIROT (Agatha Christie novels)
Jim ROCKFORD (The Rockford  Files)
Sam SPADE (The Maltese Falcon)
Dick TRACY (comic strip)

I also accepted Fletch from novels/filmdom.

10 – Uberminz, nettiebarron, Randy, violabeenice, daneekasghost, Beau

Perfect scores across the board. Good job all! So I guess that’s a big case closed on this week’s puzzle. I will just say goodbye for now and see you at tomorrow’s puzzle.

Oh, just one more thing…

As the puzzle instructions said, “The title of the puzzle will provide
a hint to the theme and how to find all the words.” Once all the correct words were circled there was still just one more. The remaining letters spelled out Leroy ‘Encyclopedia’ Brown. Beau and DG sniffed that one out and are each awarded an extra point, as well as 25¢ per day, plus expenses.


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  1. nettiebarron’s avatar

    Figures that Beau and DG would get the extra points. Over achievers!


    1. Beau’s avatar

      Finding Encyclopedia Brown first helped me find Poirot.


    2. daneekasghost’s avatar

      It’s all part of my charm.


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