Star Crossed (Th03)

Use the crossword style clues to find four people of note. They could be actors, authors, athletes, historical figures, etc.. The answer to the clue may read as first name then last name, or last name then first name.  The resulting answer may need to be adjusted to match a real name as the clues may only lead to a phonetically correct answer, or one slightly misspelled or shortened.

Example 1: Steal again? A: Rob Moore
Example 2: The knight’s wife stood at the welcoming threshold A: Damon, Matt 


  1. Simplistic description of Mr. Bacon’s role in Apollo 13
  2. A SeaWorld toy that got away
  3. Viaducts for boyfriends
  4. $100 for a Christmas decoration

Only one answer may be submitted for each clue.
1 point awarded for each correct answer.

Email your answers to by Wednesday @ 8 p.m.
Please do NOT post your answers here.



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