Word Search (M02)

Below is the link for this Monday’s puzzle. It is a word search yes, but not one from your childhood. There is no word list to guide you. That’s too easy. The instructions are in the PDF.

This puzzle will be worth the normal 10 points for a Monday. Since there are more words to find than that, your score will be 10 points minus 1 point for each word you do not find. Don’t worry, you cannot get less than 0 points.

You can take a picture or scan your word search when done, or you can simply email a list of the words you found. However, if you just send me a list of words, any incorrect answers will be worth -1 points. I don’t want someone just guessing words they think are in there (not that I think anyone would do that, but them’s the rules).

Send your answers to adobery+puzzlezone@gmail.com.
Answers are due Sunday by noon.





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