Th01 Results & Answers

Thanks to my faithful puzzlers. The turnout was a bit disappointing, but we got to start somewhere, right? Spread the word! Everyone is welcome!

The answers:

  1. A merry tennis exchange –> Jolly Volley
  2. Roadie –> Band Hand
  3. One who excels at not eating –> Master Faster
  4. Taco night for a block of cheddar –> Grate Date

uberminz/DG/nettie — 4
mbnovak — 3
Beau — 2

Props to Brooks who was the only one to match all of my answers. Three of you came up with an alternative correct answer to Taco night, which I like even more. There were several variations of “Shred Dread”. Cool!

In the future my instructions will specify that correct answers will be more like a perfect rhyme, and have all of the syllables rhyming. While only rhyming the last syllable still qualifies as a rhyme, it’s not what I’m looking for.  The weaker rhyme combined with not fitting the clue as well was why two of you missed #3.

Also, your answers can be longer than two words, but all of the words will need to rhyme (I still gave you credit for #4, Novak).

How was the difficulty? Hopefully even easy ones were at least amusing to solve.

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  1. mbnovak’s avatar

    It was much enjoyed. Good difficulty. I knew I wasn’t right on #3 or #4, but they were still fun to submit!


  2. daneekasghost’s avatar

    Much enjoyed. I had to let a couple of them marinate for a bit before they clicked into place.


  3. Beau’s avatar

    I should have gotten number three.
    For #4 I kept trying to find words that rhymed with Tuesday.


    1. adobery’s avatar

      I had another subimission, and they were thinking the same as you. “Tuesday Doomsday”. I like! Point awarded.


  4. nettiebarron’s avatar

    Super fun! I was doubtful about Shred Dread and now pretty irritated that I didn’t get Grate Date.


    1. uberminz’s avatar

      Wellllll…I mean, when have you ever seen grated cheddar cheese? You grate those hard cheeses. Or nutmeg. Whereas you shred semisoft cheeses. Or sick skateboard tricks.


      1. adobery’s avatar

        move over Novak…


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