$20,000 Pyramid (March Game Show)

I hope to begin Pyramid next week if we have enough sign-ups. Just respond below if you want to play, and if I do not have your email address, please email me at adobery+puzzlezone@gmail.com. For those who are new I will explain the basics of gameplay below.

Signed up:
DarkHorseAsh, Sunshine6344, mbnovak, HungryJoe, uberminz, nettiebaron, Beau, TDO, Randy, Heather, Spooky, Melissa, Nibbish, DaneekasGhost, The Dread Pirate

Each team will consist of two players. Every team will receive the same four boards, each which will have a different theme with 7 words that relate to that theme.
The first part involves providing clues. Each member of the team will be responsible for providing clues to the words on two of the boards. This is done by sending an email to a specified address with a specific subject line, which will send you an auto-reply with the words you need to clue. You will have two minutes to type in the clues you wish to give and then email them back.
After I have received all the clues from the participants the second part of the round begins. You will have to try and guess the words on the two boards your partner provided clues for. This will again involve sending an email with a specific subject line, which will send you an auto-reply with the board you need to work on. You will have 1 minute to get as many answers typed in as you can before sending the email back.
The four highest scoring teams will advance to the second round.
The two highest scoring teams in round two will meet in a finale which is played much like the winner’s circle portion on the TV show.
If you don’t advance past round one, don’t despair! You still get to play round two for fun and pride, and final ranking, just with no additional points awarded. The top teams of round two of this group also get to play in the winner’s circle (again, for fun).
1st place — 25 pts
2nd place — 15 pts
3rd place — 10 pts
Everyone else — 5 pts

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