Round 2 Results


Who advanced to the final? Did Beau show-up Brooks and return to the Winner’s Circle without him, or has the student become the the master? Did the Novak clan con their way in? Or did the masters of logic figure it all out? Is my nickname really “the dentist”?

I will keep this relatively short, as the winning score was only two shy of the total times my dear daughter threw up today.

Team Total
Pete / Beau 18
Christina / Brooks 20
Zee German / Novak 22
AMR / Gilman 22
Team Total
Colin/Kelly 16
Dean/Margaret 19
Punman/Annette 20
Melissa/Jonathon 20

The champ has been knocked out. Upsets (?) across the board as the bottom two from the previous round in each group advance.

Here were your categories and answers

Fiction 59 (short things)
Danny Devito, Munchkin, Abbreviation, short cut, James Madison, summary, short fuseFortunately, Unfortunately (items of superstition)
Rabbit’s foot, Black cat, Four-leaf clover, Broken mirror, Horseshoe, Doppelgänger, Rainbow

Bantam Bulwyr (bad openings)
Abyss, Knock-knock joke, Creature, Pick-up line, Black hole, Gas leak, Bottomless Pit

Machine of Death (deadly machinery)
Woodchipper, Terminator, Ford Pinto, Lawn Mower, ATV, Chain Saw, Hydraulic Press

Hope you enjoyed the themes. You may or may not have noticed the good luck/bad luck items alternated. That was easy. What really took some work was coming up with seven answers for Fiction 59 that had exactly 59 total characters!

Creature was probably the hardest answer out there. I think Pete clued it best with “_____ Feature”. (“______ from the Black Lagoon” would have been a gimme). I don’t think anyone guessed it. You may be wondering WTF that has to do with bad openings. One Adobery Point TM to the person who figures it out.

Apparently there is some wood chipper action in this Fargo movie every one of you used for your clue.

One last tidbit. Here is the breakdown of who was chosen by the other group. Did you choose wisely?

There will be either a live final or semi-live final depending on how schedules word out. If it doesn’t work out for live, I will record each pair playing the Winner’s Circle in real time and mash it all together for a viewing at a later time, or just a vid to watch whenever.

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  1. mbnovak’s avatar

    Too bad no one picked Zee, because his clues for F59 rocked.


  2. AMR’s avatar

    For the final:
    I’m out from Friday afternoon (2/13) until Sunday night (2/15).
    Camper-cabin at a MN State Park with my bride. No internet or anything.
    Forecast high on Saturday: 3F.
    I think we picked the wrong weekend to try winter “camping”.


  3. margaritamartini’s avatar

    Bummer! 🙁 I rocked fiction 59, though, so I’m going to hang onto that happy feeling. 🙂 Good luck to the remaining teams!


  4. Zee German’s avatar

    Oh…I see. It’s ok guys, I understand.


  5. nettiebarron’s avatar

    I keep meaning to watch Fargo . . . now that I know about the woodchipper, maybe not.


  6. daneekasghost’s avatar

    Apologies to anyone who picked my clues. They were… not good.

    Pepper’s clues on the other hand were spectacular.


    1. adobery’s avatar

      That’s what I was going to mention. Brooks got a perfect 14 guessing Pepper’s boards.


      1. christinapepper’s avatar

        Team Ghost Pepper 4evah!


        1. mbnovak’s avatar



      2. nettiebarron’s avatar

        I picked one of Pepper’s boards. I have to agree with Brooks.


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