Merry Christmas! It’s puzzle time!

Hope you all have had a good year! I have no idea what is going around here, because unlike that perv Spooky Santa, I don’t watch you when you’re sleeping.  I know I’ve been away for a long time, but like that Santa guy, it seems I only cum once a year now.

I have made a special puzzle for this day. If there are mistakes, forgive me as I…well…just look the time of this post.

To get the puzzle you send an email to me at with the subject line of “Christmas Scramble”. The first 16 little elves to send back the correct answers will all receive a special gift. Or, failing perfection, the best 16 scores. Time will break ties, as your time starts as soon as you send the email and get the auto-response back.

The first person to solve the bonus question will receive a super-duper special gift.

Have fun! No rush. I’ll accept puzzles for the next two weeks.

Edit: See, I told ya!  #6 should be.  “Rats Fuck Us” 


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