Splattergories Final Results


If you weren’t around for the live results, you missed out on the banter, but it’s not too late to find out who won! If you want to keep the suspense alive and view the last round line by line, here’s the spread sheet: Final Round Scoresheet

Otherwise, your winner is…

Dean Carlson!

He scored half his points on one board, setting  a high mark for an individual board with 16 points. It was a close match going into the last board. It was a killer letter though of “O” and when categories were even answered they were often doubled up.

I need to issue a few apologies. One to Rhubarb for keeping him up past his bedtime. I did not think it would take so long, but so much fun watching you all joke and discuss the answers after they came up, that I had to watch awhile before putting up the next row of answers. Two, for sharing the doc with Margaret’s work email, thus her missing out on most of the fun. Three, for jabbing on outdated stuff, detracting from the fun.

The live results more fun than I expected. I thank you all for playing. I think I might be interested in using these powers in home Scattergories games from now on. What do you think of the clued answers for future iterations? Think they were hard/unfair or favored a different skill set?

Stay tuned for next month’s game. I know our new mascot will be watching and waiting for the carrion that is the first round losers to make their exit.


Cutthroat “Cutty” the California Condor

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  1. Rhubarb_Runner’s avatar

    *yawn* g’morning.

    I thought it was all a blast — thanks again everyone. Still can’t believe how dupe-free the last round went (until that last set).

    Regarding the clued answers, I’d keep them. I personally didn’t have time to more than cursorily glance at them before staring blankly at the board for four minutes, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not a great way for someone to pick up some points.

    I’ve seen California Condors back in the mid-80’s, when there were fewer than 50 alive, from Mt. Pinos north of LA. Thankfully there are now around 300.


  2. spookymilk’s avatar

    I loved the special clues (well, obviously) and the categories done in general. If you did this again, there’s really nothing I would change.

    Good God, the California Condor is ugly. I mean, why protect that, am I right, guys???


    1. AMR’s avatar

      It has a 15-foot wingspan, three times bigger than a Turkey Vulture.
      It would gladly rip our rotting flesh off our bones if only we were dead and putrifying in the sun. It also has a pretty ruffled collar of black feathers at the base of it’s neck that’s quite striking.

      Also, that’s not ugly. It reminds me of some Atypical Mammals/Rodents.


      1. spookymilk’s avatar

        Sarcasm detection has never been a particular strong suit of yours. Or maybe you detect it, but pretend not to in order to attempt to ruffle feathers yourself. You’re so very you, Mole Rat.


        1. AMR’s avatar

          Double-sarcasm detection has never been your strength either.


          1. AMR’s avatar

            Unless this was triple-sarcasm and I completely missed it.
            Or maybe mine was quad-sarc and we’re in way too deep to get out unharmed.
            I wish I knew.

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