Pyramind Results!

We wrapped up Cutthroat Points Pyramid with a live Winner’s Circle for both the winners and losers brackets. I had 7-8 windows open, a bi-polar timer running, and a peanut gallery full of wisenheimers.

In our loser’s bracket it was very close. I think. I set the timer to count down from 4:00 and it rolled past the 1:00 mark with the round still going for Melissa. When I stopped the timer, however, it read 2:78. WTF? Annette came in with a time of 3:35 to solve. So sticking with the true cutthroat nature of this place, what do we do? Declare a badass mutha effin tie, that’s what! Melissa likely edged Annette by a little, though Annette was entering her answers one tap at a time on her Kindle. So I guess a draw works for me.

In the winner’s bracket there were no timer malfunctions. One player solved the board before the regulation time was over, clocking at 1:53. The Cutthroat Points Pyramid champ is…

BEAU [redacted]!

Congrats. His enthusiasm for the game never wavered from the day he signed up. I still remember his passionate response when asked for the second time if he’d like to play: “Ugh, sure.”

Thank you everyone for playing and I hope you had fun. The only things that sucks about being on this side is not being able to play. If you have any suggestions for how the game should have been different, please let me know. I’ll be back with a different game before the month is up.

Final CJ Points
Beau 25, Margaret 20, Brooks 20, Kelly 15, Novak 10, Bret 10, Will 10, Gilman 10, Annette 8, Melissa 8, Michael 7, Pope 7…and everyone else 5.

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  1. todahshy’s avatar

    I cannot believe people bet against the king of mastermind!!

    That went swimmingly for me!

    You all better let Brooks be number 1 contender next month because my Big Brother revenge tour needs to march on!


    1. BigPapaJonTheElf’s avatar

      Yeah, I totally lost my 2-4 dollars.


      1. adobery’s avatar

        You really have trouble committing to specific numbers lately, don’t you?


        1. BigPapaJonTheElf’s avatar

          What? I was very specific on a number of different occasions. I would say at least 3, maybe 4 times. Possibly more.


    2. MelissaDiamondPhillips’s avatar

      Wait. How is this a revenge tour for YOU? On Brooks, maybe, but me!? Were you seeking revenge against me for falling for your weasly tactics!? 😛


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