Week 12 Puzzle

Here we are. One week left. Don’t cry, just puzzle. Since we’re a day behind, puzzles will be due next Monday.

Now I give you…the Pièce de résistance! (that means last puzzle, right?)


For anyone who wants to fill the answers in a spreadsheet (I wasn’t able to get the PDF ready for that), I have shared the doc in google docs with you or here is a link:

You can either download it or make a copy in your google docs to work on I think.


  1. Andrew’s avatar

    What?!?!ONE!!?!ELEVEN??!DON’TKNOWWHATNUMBERLOOKSLIKETWELVE?!? Why didn’t I know there was a puzzle contest?


  2. Andrew’s avatar


    Really, self? I may have, in an attempt to fall asleep, have several strong rum & cokes last night. So this is what comes out of my head in a semi-drunk, sleep deprived state.


  3. Peggy Sorrell’s avatar

    Kelly, about your comment about being 1 point away from the top five on the last puzzle . . . I suggest you shoot for the top five on the final challenge, as I’m clueless with the current crossword puzzle (I suck at Ryan’s crossword puzzles), maybe you can kick me out of the top five and replace me, I won’t hold it against you. :}


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