Week 10 Results

Hey! The “week” is finally over. Ok, so last week overlapped with this week. Deep, right?

Puzzle three kept you guys busy, but we did have one perfect score on it. Congrats Peggy! There was no bonus this week. “An unlocked disk” was probably the most unfair of all the clues. Couldn’t really anticipate how many you’d get so that the overlapping possibilities would start helping you get the beginning/ending of words.

Week 10 Top Scorers
Peggy Sorrell    25
Matt Novak    21
Bret Highum    20
Brooks Maki    17
Kelly Wells    17
Matthew Gilman    17
Randy Sorrell    17

Matthew Gilman    254
Randy Sorrell    237
Peggy Sorrell    233
Bret Highum    231
Brooks Maki    227


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  1. mbnovak’s avatar

    Augh! Invisible! I couldn’t get that one. It’s all so obvious now!


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