Puzzle Results Week 7

If you’re here, it’s because you already want answers, so I won’t put on a dog and pony show. While you all know your cats and dogs pretty well, nobody got a purrrfect score.

All correct words are part of some common cat or dog idiom, phrase, character, term, etc. Any word/phrase you found must be able to be combined with cat(s) or dog(s) or both to make that phrase without having to add extra words. The bonus was a little bit different, and almost all of you found it and received credit for it. I hid nine instances of the word “lives”  in the grid for the myth that cat’s have nine lives. Unfortunately for some, they included the word “lives” nine times in there regular answers. While they got the five points for the bonus, they missed out on nine points for other words that could have been found. The official answer list:

[dog] ate my homework
call off the [dogs]
[dog] days of summer
[dog] eat [dog] world
every [dog] has its day
[dog] gone it
hot diggity [dog]
junkyard [dog]
let sleeping [dogs] lie
sick as a [dog]
[dog] star
Three [Dog] Night

Cheshire [cat]
[cat’s] cradle
curiosity killed the [cat]
fat [cat]
[cat] got your tongue
[cat] nap
[cat] on a hot tin roof
[cat] o’ nine tails
[cat’s] pajamas
scaredy [cat]
Thunder [Cats]
tom [cat]
top [cat]

it’s raining [cats and dogs]
[cat/dog] fight

What’s fun (and a pain) about this way of doing a word find, is that you guys always find alternate words in those huge grids. I had to limit your three letter word entries!

Other Answers I Accepted
coon[cat/dog], [cat]like, lost [dog/cat], hep[cat], cats[eye], cat[fit], [dog]gone, [LOL]cat, [sly] dog, sea [dog], [cat] call

Then there were some I did not accept. I googled them all. If they did not bring up results with cat or dog paired with your words without adding more words, they were rejected. If you would like to plead your case for rejected words, please email me.

Rejected Words
dingo, dig, deli, evil, safe, ace, andy, leo, shines, eat, kit


Top Scorers
Bret Highum    34
Kelly Wells    34
Matthew Gilman    34
Peggy Sorrell    34
Randy Sorrell    33

Top 5 in Standings
Matthew Gilman    192
Randy Sorrell    179
Bret Highum    170
Kelly Wells    169
Brooks Maki    167

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  1. Beau’s avatar

    All word finds without word lists will by accident have some qualifying words. I guess the best way to fix this is to not have any three-letter words, and then specify the length of each word in the word-list (without the words themselves).

    Anyway, it was fun. Only way to do a word-find. Otherwise, there’s virtually no challenge.


    1. spookymilk’s avatar

      Yeah, I dig word finds (sans list) as an occasional break from the tougher stuff.


  2. mbnovak’s avatar

    Ah jeez, I got burned by the lives thing. I ended up not really having the time anyway, so once I hit 31 with lives I just stopped and called it a week. Probably better for my sanity anyway.


  3. spookymilk’s avatar

    Okay, so out of curiosity, why was I DQed for Ice T? He’s a regular on Law and Order, and that’s his credited name. If I would have thought it would be disqualified, I had plenty of time to use a different actor.


    1. adobery’s avatar

      The judges did not count T as a last name. It is a stage name, and not one with a regular first and last name. His name as it is credited uses a hyphen (Ice-T). I would consider it an I word. I guess I can’t speak for the other judges, but this was my reasoning.


      1. spookymilk’s avatar

        SVU doesn’t hyphenate his name in the credits. It’s just Ice T.

        And if we’re talking about stage names, then Clay Tanner (real name: Allen Honaker) isn’t allowable either.


        1. mbnovak’s avatar

          Hey, I’d give you Ice T. There were plenty of exclusions that shouldn’t have been.


          1. mbnovak’s avatar

            This isn’t really a criticism of the judges. I just like to complain. Lobbying for answers is one of my favorite parts of scattergories. Y’all did well, since you gave me things to e-mail adobery about today.

          2. adobery’s avatar

            There were not plenty of exclusions that shouldn’t have been. Only 10 of the 200 words were even discounted. Four of which are not even debatable. You could argue your four (wait, you already did that), Kelly’s Ice-T and possibly lettuce.

          3. mbnovak’s avatar

            Boy did I!

          4. daneekasghost’s avatar

            I was surprised transportation was allowed. I think I am too narrow in my thinking in these games (it burned me in the HR Derby challenge as well).

        2. adobery’s avatar

          I didn’t mean because it was a stage name it was discounted. It is hyphenated and I take it as one word, thus an I word. Mentioning stage name at all was more about…hey, if it was his real name and not hyphenated I guess their family name is T. But the name was created for his career, it’s hyphenated and more akin to a one name star in my eyes.

          IMDB and NBC list it hyphenated. His website lists it both ways. Whatever, majority voted it down.


  4. kg2005’s avatar

    Brooks, I have to say that I like a lot of your answers.


    1. daneekasghost’s avatar

      Thanks. I’m sure adobery was snickering at my snail’s pace as I plodded my way through.


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