Week 6 Answers

So this week was rough it looks like. There was no bonus this week. We did have one perfect score by Matthew Gilman. Good job!

The theme of the puzzle was “What goes up, must come down”. All the answers had either “up” or “down” in them AND all “up” words had to be written running up while all “down” words had to be written running down. If you didn’t, you probably went crazy wondering “why doesn’t this fit?!”

17A & 18A formed  Blood, Sweat and Tears and their song “Spinning Wheel”. The lyrics of this song start out “What goes up, must come down”
19, 21, 25 & 29 formed “Sir Isaac Newton Law”. This had to do with gravity hinting at the same “what goes up must come down” theme.


Top Scores of the Week
Matthew — 30
Randy — 28
Matt — 26
Bret — 24
Brooks/Kelly — 19

Top 5 in Standings
Matthew Gilman    158
Randy Sorrell    146
Brooks Maki    140
Andy Rustleund    136
Bret Highum    136

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  1. spookymilk’s avatar

    Fucking wow. I figured out about eight to ten answers at work and forgot to send them in. Well, que sera sera.


  2. AMR’s avatar

    I liked this one a lot. I got the “what goes up must come down” thing, but missed out on a lot of the other clues. And since I wasn’t playing, I didn’t finish or try any harder.


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