Week 5 Puzzle

Time to infuse a little more difficulty back into this game. This week will be a variety of puzzles. There is one puzzle I know some of you have been waiting for and some of you have been dreading — a cryptogram! For those of you who are bamboozled by these, here is a link with tips on how to solve them:  http://www.cryptograms.org/tutorial.php

There are three pages to the PDF for 25 points.  As always, if you have a bonus answer, send it along with your puzzle submission and label it as such. Since there are multiple puzzles, there may be a bonus answer to each, some or none. Given last week’s bonus issues, I would like to say that a bonus answer may be simple, or it may be more detailed. Err on the side of being more detailed, as long as your details all connect to the main answer. I will not accept multiple unconnected guesses though.

I will be out of town this weekend, as will some of my family puzzlers, so you will have until Wednesday, June 6th at 9 p.m. to complete your puzzles.

Good luck!



  1. loislane29’s avatar

    Yippee cryptogram! I’m excited!


  2. AMR’s avatar

    As an at-home player, I’m enjoying this one. Doesn’t seem too tough, but not to easy either.


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