Week 4 Puzzle Results

I hope you enjoyed the week vacation from puzzling 😉   I didn’t figure this one to be a hard one, but when I already had 4 submissions by lunchtime I realized I hadn’t built in enough difficulty. I even had two people submit who hadn’t even been playing previously.

Everyone who submitted got everything right. The answers are below for whoever didn’t submit I guess. Only one thing separated any of you from each other and that was the bonus. Only four people even touched on it and only one person got the full bonus. The theme was “Billy Idol”. There were a number of words in the puzzle that when combined formed the names of either one of his songs or one of his albums. You received one point for mentioning Billy Idol, but to get the full 5 bonus points you had to list all the songs/albums. It kills me that Andy didn’t get the 5 points. He listed all the answers but one.

Don’t Stop (EP)
Dancing With Myself (song)
White Wedding (song)
Rebel Yell (song/album)
Cradle [of] Love (song)
Cyberpunk (album)

This is my least favorite week so far. No difference in scoring and my Power Puzzler challenge was weaksauce as well. But, as long as ya’ll had fun doing it, that’s what matters the most. New puzzle to come soon.

Week 4 Top Scorers
Matthew Gilman    32
Andy Rustleund    28
Bret Highum    28
Kelly Wells    28
Everyone Else    27

Top 5 in Standings
Matthew Gilman    107
Brooks Maki    96
Andy Rustleund    95
Randy Sorrell    93
Bret Highum    89

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  1. arustleund’s avatar

    How about I get four points? 😉


  2. spookymilk’s avatar

    Well, damn. I knew all of those Billy Idol references, but didn’t figure it was necessary to put them all down. By now I should know that you want as much information as possible. Blarg.


  3. bhiggum’s avatar

    I used Google to relate all but about five words to Billy Idol, but I didn’t want to go through all the lyrics to make sure all the words were in there, so laziness bit me in the ass again.


  4. uberminz’s avatar

    How soon until new puzzle???


  5. arustleund’s avatar

    First of all, let me say that I am having a lot of fun with these. What a great idea, and adobery’s puzzles are really great and creative. I have to say, though, that I feel a little mislead on the bonus answer. The rules state that there will be only one bonus answer. To be honest, I stopped looking for additional answers in the puzzle because I thought I had the “one” answer. I just left the highlights in there because I was too lazy to take them out.

    Anyway, please understand that I am not upset or anything about this. Just offering an explanation as to why some of us didn’t get the full answer. As a Pure Puzzler, I’m not concerned about the scores or standings. Peace!


    1. adobery’s avatar

      This is a valid point and my fault for not clarifying in the rules more. For future reference, the “one bonus answer” to a puzzle may be multiple words that all fall in with the same bonus idea, much like last week’s required you to list all the words with ‘it’ put back in. While you cannot make multiple guesses, you would not be penalized for throwing in extra details if you thought it was all part of the same theme or whatnot.

      I will think on rescoring of this week’s bonus. What does everyone else think?


      1. uberminz’s avatar

        I think giving more points to people who provided a more complete response makes sense and is fair.


      2. mbnovak’s avatar

        I think I should get some bonus points too. I think making the bonus too specific is the problem. I could have come up with the Billy Idol songs no problem. I figured everyone could, and therefore that couldn’t have been the bonus. I spent a ton of time trying to unscramble the crossed letters. Having no clue what the bonus could be makes it virtually impossible to guess your mind.


        1. adobery’s avatar

          Can’t agree with you here. If you could have come up with Billy Idol, then maybe you should have. I didn’t title the puzzle “Billy Idol Letterbox”. So if you saw some of the words were Billy Idol related and others were not…that should be a clue anyway. Just because you think it’s too obvious, does not mean it can’t be the bonus. Lots of people didn’t find it obvious, obviously.

          If you mean compiling the song names is too specific and the Billy Idol should suffice I can accept that as a valid point. If you mean I’m being too specific in that I’m not allowing people to form words out of intersecting letters that are not the intended bonus, then no, that is not valid.

          If you would have given me a bonus answer in your puzzle submission of “Bonus Answer: Billy Idol”, I certainly would have given you the one point at least. As it is, you threw more than one idea at me and not in the puzzle submission email even. Which am I to accept as your answer?

          I would like to hear from people who did not submit any bonus answer at all.


          1. mbnovak’s avatar

            You always say the bonus answer needs to be submitted separately. I submitted a separate e-mail in which I mentioned Billy Idol. I also mentioned other things I was trying which were not guessing your mind (because I think compiling the song names is too specific… I guess trying something different. It didn’t work. If you had gone with that specific thing it also would have been too specific, it just would have happened to be the specific thing I tried.).

            In short, I should have gotten at least 1 bonus point for mentioning Billy Idol, and yes, compiling song names is too specific. There needs to be some sort of hint telling us how to get the bonus (like that first week… that was perfect), or something.

          2. adobery’s avatar

            I don’t believe I’ve ever said any such thing regarding sending your bonus answer “separately”. I always say to include it with your submission and label it as your guess to the bonus answer.

            I believe I am leaning toward giving 5 points to anyone who mentioned Billy Idol, as well as you, as in rereading your separate email you did say “Clearly it has something to do with Billy Idol” despite your ramblings after.

          3. mbnovak’s avatar

            For what it’s worth, I don’t think you need to retroactively give anyone points (except me, of course.). And I think the bonus stuff has been fantastic. Like last week with the take it/leave it, you needed a specific thing, but there was a way to figure it out, so that was good. I think you just need a little roadmap to the bonuses, is all.

  6. uberminz’s avatar

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should get credit of any sort for mentioning Mr. Idol and his oeuvre. Once he left Gen X, he was dead to me.


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